This is a TOTAL HEALING EXPERIENCE designed to propel you into WELLNESS & WHOLENESS!

This Experience is for you if:

* you're experiencing pain, loss or grief...

*you have been feeling anxious, overwhelmed or depressed...

*you have been feeling tired and drained no matter how much sleep you get...

*you have been losing sleep and waking up all hours of the night...

*you are having unexplainable aches and pains in your body...

*you have felt like you've been held back by your past...

*there are people that you feel you just can't forgive... maybe even yourself...


If you said Yes to any one of the above then you need to be present at this event because YOU are the Right Person and you can be in the Right Place, taking the Right Action at The Healing Experience.

WE will get to the root of the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical issues that are prohibiting you from greatness and destiny. We will shift your Mindset so you can see yourself as God sees you and Experience what God has for YOU.

You will learn and Experience physical and spiritual Self-help Techniques so that you can have more good days than bad days in every area of you life. So goes the mind so goes the body therefore once you have the revelation and the tools  every place you step your foot you can Experience Success!

Learn how to work with God for your healing and breakthrough. Learn how to use God's word to decree and declare the life you want to live. Experience Life Anew by Saturating in His Presence and allowing all of your holes and voids to be filled with His Love and Grace.

We look forward to ministering to your Whole Being and treating you like the Royalty that You are.


Friday Night: Saturate Worship Experience & Prophetic Impartation 7-10pm

Saturday Morning: Wellness & Wholeness 9am-12pm

Lunch Break 12pm - 2pm

Saturday Afternoon: Mind, Body, Soul & Spirit 2pm - 5pm

Dinner Break 5pm - 7pm

Saturday Night: Ladies Night In, Poolside Poetry and More! 7:30pm-until


The room rates are $109 for a suite: queen size bed, pull out sofa and full kitchen.

Amenities include: Free Wifi, Movies, Breakfast, Fitness Center & Pool

Code name: The Healing Experience

If you would like to have a roommate email Dawne at:

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