All natural 
essential oil remedies and therapeutic massages.


Our health coaching, holistic remedies and wellness/spa services are designed to assist all ages obtain optimal Divine health, both inside and out. This goal is achieved through the utilization of prayer and all natural essential oils.


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Massage alleviates anxiety that makes you discern cheery. Pledge the warmth of the body with mesmerizing sensations.  Let your body to adore the romantic charm when the gleaming massage of captivating fingers reveals the sequel of fascinating these elusive moments.


Relax the feet and detoxify the body with Foot Detox & Therapy package. This luxurious treatment begins with a soothing foot soak in a warm bath of aromatic herbs and spices.

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Relax in a warm bath while the aromatic essences of our body wrap engulf you in their soothing embrace. Invigorate your senses with our refreshing scrubs, which gently exfoliate your skin while leaving it hydrated.

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Meet Dawne

Holistic Health Coach

Dawne Horizons is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Massage Therapist and Author helping to teach people how to live Healthy Naturally: Spirit, Soul & Body essentially discipling them to live their best, blessed life ‘Now’ both inside and out with God’s Medicine! Dawne brings Education, Enlightenment & Empowerment to people looking for real answers about their health, spirituality, identity and purpose. She helps people live their Passion and discover their Purpose. She believes your passion will lead you to Prosperity. It is her Passion & Purpose that led her to open Dawne Horizons Spa & Wellness Center in 2006.

Why Essential Oils & Aromatherapy?

They are Ancient Secrets that get results...


The use of essential oils can assist  with improving the digestive track. This may include such issues as: nausea, intestinal parasites, acid reflux and  indigestion.


The use of essential oils can assist with boosting energy, improving sleep and the increase of memory and focus.


The use of essential oils are helpful as natural digestive aids, immune system support and helps regain homeostasis.

Women's Health

The use of essential oils and aromatherapy may  improve various menstrual concerns, strengthening of the nervous system, reduction of breast tenderness and healing of hormone related imbalance.

Weight Loss

The use of essential oils and aromatherapy may be useful in the suppression of the appetite and boosting of the metabolism.


The use of essential oils and aromatherapy may uplift your mood and decrease anxiety & stress.

Back Massage


"Dawne was amazing working her craft. She was thorough and very informative of what was going on with my body. Atmosphere was good and safe, her blend of food essential oils were good, and she ensured i was very comfortable during my session. I recommend you come see her. I'm going back!"

--J Johnson

"Dawne Horizons Spa & Wellness is a gift from God. Her services are impeccable. Dawne's knowledge of health and wellness is amazing and life changing.... She goes above and beyond for her clients... Once you leave the presence of her spa, you know, your health and life has been changed for the better. I highly recommend her services. I give her 10 ⭐'s."

--Yvette America

Awesome mind body massage therapy. Dawne is very professional and works well with you. After my first therapy I left feeling very relaxed with no aches or pain, even woke up the next day feeling great. Her knowledge of the body and the many different oils and how to use them really helps to put you at ease not to mention the spiritual concept is quite warm and soothing to the soul. Amazingly warm and inviting atmosphere...thx Dawned for all the help."

--Tania Brown

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