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Swedish Massage  $80                    *Add Aromatherapy to any
Deep Tissue Massage $100                  Massage for only $10
Aromatherapy Massage $95
Raindrop Technique $110
Therapeutic Massage w/Aromatherapy & Acupressure $150
Dawne Horizons Spa Menu & Pricing
We make you feel like Royalty and Cater to your every need while Pampering you with the latest & greatest in Holistic Health and Spa Services.

Body Scrubs & Wraps
Full Body Scrub  $85                               
Detox Body Scrub w/Aromatherapy $105

Full Body Wrap  $85
Detox Body Wrap w/ Aromatherapy $105

Foot Detox
Foot Detox w/Aromatherapy Foot Massage $65
Foot Detox w/Aromatherapy & Reflexology  $85
Aromatherapy Foot Bath & Massage $40
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For whatever ails you there is a God given natural remedy to aid you. Dawne specializes in pure, organic, therapeutic grade essential oils for Body, Soul & Spirit.
Aromatherapy Facial Steam $20
Aromatherapy Facial Scrub  $20
Facial Combo  (Steam & Scrub) $35
Eye Soothers Aromatherapy & Cucumbers $15
                    (Great for Allergies!)
Holistic Health Consultation          $250
​              w/Iridology
Evaluates the whole self: body, mind, emotions and spiritual life. Holistic Health combines the best of modern medicine and Holistic Health modalities. 

This comprehensive assessment of the body includes: hands, feet, fingernails, face, body type & posture and includes Iridology (the study of the iris of the eyes) Recommendations are provided and a Detailed, INDIVIDUALIZED 6 Month Protocol is provided.

Invite Dawne to speak at your Church, Organization Seminar, Conference or Health Fair. With her passion for Holistic Health and her love for people she Educates, Enlightens & Empowers you to be your Best You. Dawne's whole purpose is #MakingHealthyDisciples!

Dawne's Workshops include: 
"Intro To Essential Oils", 
"Healing Oils of the Bible", 
"Help! I Got Kids",
 "Healthy & Wealthy", 
"Get Fit/Get Whole",
 "The Raindrop Technique" And
"Restoring Intimacy in Marriage thru Massage" 

Dawne can also speak on your special theme.

Cleanse your Body, Revive your Soul & Renew your Spirit

Choose the Package that fits your overall needs and budget:
Invest in yourself! Save more with MONTHLY MEMBER Packages!

Foot Detox w/Aromatherapy & Foot/Leg Scrub               $65  
4 sessions/1 a week paid in advance:                              Special $160 ($40ea, Save $140)

Aromatherapy Detox Massage                                        $95 
4 sessions/1 a week paid in advance:                              Special: $280 ($70ea, Save $100)

Aromatherapy Detox Body Scrub                                   $90
4 sessions/1 a week paid in advance:                              Special: $240 ($60ea, Save $100)

Detox Steam Sauna w/Facial Steam/Scrub &
 Foot/Hand Scrub:                                                            $45
4 sessions/1 a week paid in advance:                              Special:$120 ($30ea, Save $60)

Add ons:
1. Add Steam Sauna or Facial Steam to Any Package only $10 addt'l
2. Add Foot Scrub to Detox Massage only $10 addt'l
3. Add Hot Stones to Foot Scrub only $10 addt'l 
4. Add Hot Stones to Detox Massage only $20 addt'l

Weight Loss Specials

Holistic Health Consultation                                                Special: $175 (REG. $225)
+ monthly product order $125-$150 for 6mos

Balance Hormones Consultation                                         Special: $100 (REG. $150)
+ monthly product order $75-$$125 for 6mos

"Slique" Program 
Choose you weight loss goal and budget, ranging from $50-$350 all products included in each package.